Construction Planning / Early Contractors Involvement (ECI)

Service overview

Prostone’s senior development managers and project managers can review the project design in the early stages of a project, manage value engineering, ensure the quality of design documentation, develop construction methodology and project plan before construction works start on site. The key factors contribute to the failure of New Zealand Building Industry in the recent year are identified:

  • Poor tendering and contracting documentation
  • Poor design documentation including build ability issues
  • In-complete design
  • Do not consider the cost effectiveness during design and planning phase

Prostone Construction Planning & ECI Services have been developed based on the rich experience of our senior project managers and quantity surveyors, it includes: 

  • Identify, analyse, and agree with stakeholders for their needs and expectations
  • Support the client to establish the project goals
  • Lead a project consultant team including the client, all professional consultants and contractors to collect all substitute methods of design, materials, and construction methodologies to find out best way of delivering the project
  • Select and engage preferred contractors and/or subcontractors to bring key knowledge and experience
  • Provide a comprehensive report for the client to understand the best outcome with identified risks associated with Value Engineering.